My Mysterious Crafts

♥ Life without a bit of mystery isn’t really worth living! ♥


Warm Welcome to my Blog!!

So, you wanna know about me??? 😉

Hmm… Lemme think…

Dyana is a 20-something Indian girlie girl who is passionatley passionate about Arts, Crafts, Poems and Paintings.

She’s definitely a ‘toes in the sand’ kinda girl… Oh, Yes, she believes in “Happily lived ever after’s” and she loves to hear “Once upon a time…” 😀 😀

She maybe a grown up IT pro girl with computers and stuff but there is still a part of her that gets all excited and winking whenever she watches Tinkerbell and her fairy friends… Guess she inspires her to be Crafty!! :*


Tinkerbell Poster
Tinkerbell – My Mysterious Crafts – Dyana’s Craft Journey


She says, “I paint, I draw, I craft, I sew, I write, I travel, I explore (alone…) but most of the times, I sleep! :D.. Yeah, Nightmares are less scarier than reality!”

So, What makes her happy?? These things in all forms,

  • ❤ Tinkerbell
  • ❤ Dream Catchers
  • ❤ Hearts
  • ❤ Candles
  • ❤ Stars
  • ❤ Crafts
  • ❤ Paintings
  • ❤ Nature
  • ❤ Pinterest

Yes, She loves all things Magical! ❤

She wakes up in the middle of the night and end up falling asleep again after lazing around in one of these below: